How you will earn in hive platform?



When the internet became popular to everyone. No one would think that it gives so much power to the people. There are advantages and disadvantages but let's focus on the advantages. The Internet gives anything you want. Entertainment, learnings and money. Yes, you can earn money through the internet although it is kind of risky. The law will have hard times in looking for this scammers.

When I said about earning money the blockchain was being born. I know you are familiar with bitcoin, etherium and litecoin. These 3 are just an example of digital money on the web. They don't have faces, shapes like cash money. You can only identify them through their numbers and their values.

If we will talk about blockchain. Bitcoin is on the top, it is everyone talking about. Just imagine how big it's the value when you will convert it in USD. We can use bitcoin to buy something we want or we can withdraw it as cash. Although, others using it trading because the value is insane.

Maybe it's not new to you what is trading. It's like exchanging money to an exchanger outlet. For example, if you want to use the Philippines currency and what you have is USD. You need to go to the exchanger outlet to make it as peso or PHP. However, in digital money, you don't need these outlets because they are everywhere online. Many trading platforms we can use. Just one of them is that I always use.

So when trading is available that's the time that tokens or liquid money were made. We can only earn hive tokens through When someone joined this platform for free. They will be given a chance to earn by writing a post. It's up to the people what they wanted to post. Travel blog, art, fiction stories and many more. As I have said it depends on people's niche to post on this platform.

After they will be writing a post. The people or the community will vote for it if they will like it. Remember that there's no assurance that you can receive an upvote from them. More importantly, is that you will have the chance to earn when you are on this platform. You can see the value of your post at the bottom. What you will see is not what you will receive totally because there are other dapps that will have their share by using their dapps.

If you can now earn hive tokens that's the time that you will trade it into bitcoin or etherium. In trading these two digital online money you can trade it as cash and you can withdraw it. It's up to you to decide because there are stores who will accept digital money. Now that you understand how you can earn in Come on join us so you can earn as well by clicking this referral to be able for you to join right away.