Hive Creative Contest': "One sweet day"

This is @mrnightmare89 but I decided if I will make a story or poetry I will write it separately. That's the reason I'm writing here because it's my own blog.

Here's the prompt I chose from the contest of @zord189

2.) You go out for dinner and you heard a gunshot.

Here the contest details by the way,


Eagerness and excitement were I felt when finally I arrived home. Longing for Lyn's presence to quench the thirst I felt inside. We were far apart for 2 years because I was working abroad. I did it for our future plans to get married. 2 years away from her was like forever loneliness. There were no days that I didn't miss her. There were no nights that I wish she was beside me sleeping. I endure it all because of dreaming to be as one forever when we will get married.

Of course, tears were plunging while staring at her image. I love her, I love her so much that I would choose to die rather than living without her. Hearing her voice every day made me missed her so much and I wanted to go home. But I stopped myself because of the day we will get married.


The day came that 2 years had passed and finally I could touch Lyn, the love of my life. Tears started to fell again as I was so happy to see her for a long time. I cried while hugging her tightly.

"I miss you so much, Lyn. How eager I am to be with you again and now. Thank God for letting me see you safe."

I was emotional as Lyn looked at me tightly with a smile. I knew she felt the same because I saw her tears slowly dropping. I kissed her in the lips for a minute and she kissed me back. The sweet of her presence and the scent of her perfume that took over my sense of smell. "I'm sure of it, she's the one that I wanted to spend my life in eternity." In my thoughts, while feeling the moment with her.


The music played as we had a conversation in a fine restaurant. I decided to have a date with her because I missed the feeling of experiencing like a new couple in a relationship. She wore a red elegant dress that shone her beauty more. The sparkling of her face every time she smiled melted my heart and made me love her more.

The called the waitress to ask more drinks. The waitress came and she let me choose in the menu book. I took off my eyes to Lyn for a sec to get another drink. I was smiling while talking to the waitress when suddenly I heard a gunshot. I startled and afraid of it because I was sure of it that it was the sound of a gun. I glanced to Lyn because I was worried if she was afraid of it as well. I slowly move my eyes towards her and when I saw her the time stopped. Before I knew it my tears were already falling. When I went back into my senses I found out that I cried as hard and shouted as loud as I can.

"Lyn died, she was hit by that gunshot."

In my thoughts, while mourning of her death. I couldn't believe that it's really happening. The love of my life has no life anymore as I hold her in my arms while running to find a hospital. I became crazy seeing too much blood flowing in her body. I didn't know what to do as of that moment. All I wanted was hoping she could still make it but she never did. No matter how I screamed and moaned, Lyn will not come back to me anymore. I couldn't accept it because I knew there's no other woman that I will love like her. All I did was crying until I got collapsed because of pain I couldn't take it.