When Clark was still young he was thinking to be a hero. He idolised how the heroes gave their lives just to protect humanity. Especially, Superman, he was a fan of him because superman was strong and looks cool. That's why he dreamed to be a hero when he was young.

Little his age grows bigger and his mind grows mature. He fully understands that he can't be a hero like Superman. He doesn't have powers like Superman have. Even so, he still wants to continue that dreams to be a hero. To protect people from bad guys and to protect them from harm.

"That's what hero about, right?" He said to himself while applying as a firefighter.

He decided to choose that kind of profession where he can't harm people like policemen does. They have different field of works but he's thinking that he can still protect people from danger. They will fight the fire, they will respond to people who need to be delivered in the hospital or to check their health. It's not simple because what's in his mind.

"I can still be a hero with this."



After months of training physically and mentally. Clark finally became a firefighter. He is so happy when he received his badge and finally, he will have the power to protect the people. He is the happiest firefighter that graduated because he wanted it for a long time. Now, his dreams to be one is coming true.

The phone is ringing when the first day of his job started. A woman's voice asked for help because there is a car accident in front of their house. He told his fellow firefighters about it and immediately they are going to that place according to the woman's information. They arrived right away and the managed to help and sent it to the nearest hospital. He was so happy when he and his team saved lives. Especially when the guardian of that person saying gratitude of what they did.

The first day of Clark was awesome and he said to himself.

"This is the kind of feeling I wanted that's why I decided to be in this profession."

Another incident has happened and another. They killed fires from different places. They rescued many people who were in poor health. Including those who were in accidents. But not all the time they can save lives. There were times when they arrived people were already dead. There were times they couldn't save lives because the fire was so strong and they couldn't go inside. Clark looks so frustrated because of it. His eyes became depressed by just watching it.

"We are not God Clark. There will be time w couldn't do anything. Cheer up because there are still people who need our help in the future." His senior said with encouragement.


Serving the people as a firefighter for a long time. Clark experienced that people got mad to them and blamed them because of their late appearance in the incident. As a person who fulls of ideals and hopes of this kind of profession. He gets easily broken and disappointed with the people.

"Why people like that? We are not Gods that can bring back someone's life. We can not stop that happenings going to happen." He said it to his companions with frustration.

"We should understand them because it's not easy to lose someone. Also, there are people who will only remember our mistakes. But as long as we will do our jobs, just let the murmuring. We know for ourselves that we did our best." His senior co-worker explained it.

He then accepted the fact that ideals are really different in reality. No matter how he forced them by showing what kind of hard work they've done. People will always find a way to find them doing wrong. Instead of thankful, they will just say hurtful words. But he didn't give up showing the people that there's a hero in front of their eyes. Hero is not someone to show off anyway. Is someone who offers help to those who needs it.