God in the world of human


The God of Gods learned that demons are living in the world and spread evil things. The God of Gods decided to send the other Gods to protect the human from the demons. But the Gods are being reminded that they can't touch the humans. They can't hurt humans as well or else they will be strikes with lightning and will kill them. They should keep their distance to humans and never interfere with humans dilemmas. The humans should be the one to solve it but when it will be related with demons that's the time they can interfere.

The Gods are now in the world of earth. Canus is the God of dreams and he is the strongest of all Gods except to the God of Gods which the superior to all of them. The fighting of Gods and demons are starting. The demons are making the humans as their slaves and their women are being raped as well. The demons are doing outrageous behaviours that Canus becomes impatient. He goes into the main house of the demons where many stronger demons are there. Canus power is to let the people asleep as soon he releases a magical aura in the surroundings. He doesn't need it most of the time because it will drain his stamina and he falls asleep if it will happen.


Canus sweeps the weakling demons by just swinging his arm with strong winds together with it. But when he is inside the highest part of the house. The strongest demon is in there with another stronger demons. The strongest demon is so cocky that he thought he can easily kill Canus. The house of the demons is destroyed because of their fighting but the strongest demon is losing his power. The strongest demon now orders the other strong demons to attack Canus. He didn't expect it but Canus still hiding his real power and that's sleeping power, he calls it "dreams with me." In that power, all of them will sleep and they can't do anything but to accept what Canus will do to them. They might be sleeping including Canus but only Canus can move freely in that dream.

Canus almost killed all the demons but his stamina is draining and he can't continue releasing that power. He stopped his power and wakes up first even though there are still demons he didn't kill yet. If he will continue releasing that kind of aura he will have no strength to save himself. Canus stopped his aura and starts moving away from demons but he has no strength left. He's lucky that one of the prisoners named Letisha pulls him to hide into the woods. Canus didn't know what's happening because he already fainted.

Letisha successfully abducted Canus from the demons. Canus fell asleep for two days because of the power he used too much. When he woke up he goes outside as he's still wondering where he is. The surrounding is very beautiful, taller trees, green environment and many animals are not afraid. He keeps on walking to learn who saved him from that time. When he saw a clear and beautiful river he walks towards it to freshen up himself. But for the first time, he suddenly feels he will make a sin. He didn't stop of looking into Letisha's beauty while washing her body in the river. He knew that this is not an act of a God but he couldn't control himself. He continues staring with Letisha as he gulped many times.


Letisha notices that Canus is staring at her and he knew that Canus is a God. Letisha bows her head as she kneels and said.
"My lord forgive me for showing a bad behaviour of me."

Canus turned his back from Letisha because he knows that he should be the one to say that. He is a God that's why he remains his pride. He showed a decent pose with a Godly voice.

"It's fine, just wear clothes and let's talk."

Letisha explained what happened and how did she saved Canus. Later on, Canus attempting to stand up to fight again demons but he falls in an instant. Letisha helps him to stop but Canus seems annoyed.

"Forgive my lord." She said but Canus just replied with a smile and said, "It's fine, it's my weak self that makes me like this."

"It's not true my lord because you defeated many demons. Thanks to you I am now free."

After that conversation, Canus rest again and Letisha takes care of him. While Canus recovering his strength Letisha is taking care of him. They become closer to each other and it comes to a point that Canus doesn't want to call him "my lord" by Letisha. One faithful day came that Canus touches Letisha because he is drunk by just drinking wine that he accidentally drunk. Canus acts strangely and he kisses Letisha suddenly and makes it happen. It happened only one night but Canus thinks that he is now not worthy to be a God. He didn't show himself to everyone, especially to his fellow Gods.


Days and months passed and the baby was born. It is strong like a God but stronger than Canus even in his younger age. Years passed so fast that their son named Latrus reaches the age of 5 and the time the God of Gods has found Canus. He is strike with strong lightning right away and Letisha is being sentenced to death as well. She hangs into a tree and burns because she is a half-demon and half-human. The Gods of God thought she deceived Canus. Before this happens their son Latrus was already being sent far away from their house and protected with a spell so no one can find him. The boy cries as he lives alone and his both parents are experiencing the pain of death without knowing it.

Despite being alone as a child Latrus becomes an adult. He never knew about his power because his mother placed a curse so that he can live like a normal child. Latrus was being adopted by many different families but always unlucky because demons killed them all. When he arrived home the families that adopted him were being killed. He then decided to live by himself when he reached at the age of 16. Then he unleashed his power at the age of 18 when his life was in danger. Then the rumours of him as the strongest man in the world reaches into heaven. The demons fear him because of his power. He will just wave his hand and the people who will be affected will die in pain because of a nightmare.


Latrus grudge the demons that much that he wanted to destroy their race. Latrus lives only to kill demons. Latrus learns about the main house of the demons. His father was here before but wasn't successful. Many demons are leaving in their territory when they saw Latrus coming. But they couldn't do it because they will be killed as well with their boss named Demitry or the evil of all evil. Many demons are attacking Latrus but just by waving his hand and said "dreams of death." All demons are slowly dying in their sleep but Latrus is awake. For those who will experience his power. They will dream that they are being stabbed and any types of deaths until they will die in the real life. His power is very monstrous that if someone will be affected there's not a single chance to live because it can't be dispelled.

Demitry is surprised when he saw Latrus power. How this guy has this kind of power when in fact the nightmare power is only for them, the devils. He then recalls that someone has this kind of power when they fought each other through dreams. There was a human experienced a nightmare because Demitry placed a spell into him. But when a God placed a spell as well that turned the nightmare into a sweet dream. The man was being saved and Demitry found who was that God cast this opposite effect of his power. He searched for him but according to the other demons he was being killed already. Demitry starts to wonder but he wanted to test Latrus power first.


When Latrus waved his hand to cast power the surrounding turns to dark. He can't see anything but there's a voice start talking and when he says something. His body will follow it like punching your face, hit yourself and many more. Latrus has no idea but he notices that when that voice said something he will do it. He then counters it with different types of dreams.

"Peaceful dream", he said it and everything is turning to bright. He then saw Demitry, "I knew it that was your doing."

Demitry is surprised because of it and he looks afraid to Latrus. Latrus now plans of releasing his power, "dreams of de--," Demitry suddenly kneels and bow to him and said, "Wait, wait, I know who killed your parents." Demitry thinks that Latrus will believe him as he is smirking.

Latrus stops and Demitry smile in his thoughts.

"Okay, tell me and if you're lying I will kill you," Latrus said and Demitry is acting being scared. Actually, Demitry didn't know who killed his parents but he was thinking about his power. He is now approaching to Latrus and will do something. "To make you believe that I'm not lying let's look into your memories from the past," Demitry told Latrus with so much temptation in his voice. "Are you sure with that?" Latrus is hesitating of it but Demitry shows sincerity in his face, "Of course." Demitry is laughing and does a spell that can look into someone's memories, all of them.

Latrus is like watching a movie from his passed after Demitry successfully cast a spell to remember what happened. It takes longer because they are digging until he was just young. When his memory of 5 years reaches it stopped because a dark spell was cast on his brain. Demitry tries to unlock it but he only saw a woman talking to him. Demitry is surprised again because he was searching for that woman if having a unique spell even if she was just a half-demon. "I knew it why this man has the power of a demon," Demitry's thoughts. Then the woman starts talking from his memory.

"Son, sorry for leaving you all alone in your young age. Your father and I made a mistake, so the God of Gods will punish us. Don't resent the Gods because they're the one bringing peace in this world. I'm a demon but I hate what they're doing to the humans and that's the reason I was living like a human. I hate demons so much and I'm thankful because your father allowed me to raise a bringer of peace like you, a God. I don't want you to be mad to the Gods so I will erase this memory of yours and locked it so you will not grow with hate to Gods. I love you so much, son."

Her mother cries so much as she was hugging Latrus. After it, Latrus is so mad and he never knew where to ally himself but her mother said clearly that no to the demons.


Latrus shouted and he releases a tremendous aura in the surrounding and said, "Dreams of death." The demons are flying away and Demitry said, "wait---." All demons are being consumed of his power and all of them in that house are being killed. Latrus still feels mad as she remembers that the one who killed his parents was a God. "They're good but how come they killed my parents," in his thoughts and wanted to see all the Gods. He now realises that he is a God as well so it will be easy for him to call the other Gods. He releases his God's aura, concentrating it and shouted like the whole world is having an earthquake.

"Gods.....show yourselves.!!!..."

The Gods are being alerted who was that shouting. It was so strong that they thought it's the God of Gods. The Gods are appearing in front of him.

"Canus is that you?"
"Yeah, it's him."
"No, he's still young."
The words of the Gods when they saw Latrus looked like his father.

"Who is the God of Gods to all of you?" Latrus madly said to all of them.
"He is not one of us because he's still in heaven." One of the Gods said.
"How can I call him?" He eagerly asked the Gods.

Shimmering lights from the sky as the Gods kneel and bows their heads.
"You don't need to call me," a loud voice and full of peace. "What's the problem, my son? I see you're not one of the Gods but you managed to defeat all the demons."

The Gods are being surprised because of it. They couldn't believe what the God of Gods said but they trust their God.

"It's not you who will be asking here," Latrus said seriously as the Gods are being worried because of what he said. "Why did you kill my parents, Canus and Letisha?"

"Ah, so you're their son. Did you know that they made a sin?" The God of Gods explained.

"Yeah I know but should you kill them?" Latrus said as he is so angry.

"Bow your head son," The God of Gods said as Latrus can't move. "So this is the power of all Gods," Latrus thoughts. "I'm a God son and I love all the creatures in the world that I made. I didn't kill them but I punished them." Latrus face has changed when he heard it. He is so excited because of happiness and he wanted to rise but he can't. "Not yet, son, I'm not done," the God of Gods continue talking. "Do you want to be a God because I saw you're so powerful?" Without a second thought, Latrus answered right away. "No, I want to live in this world with my mother." All the Gods are being surprised and they never thought that that would be his answer.


The God of Gods is laughing and said, "I like you, you are not ambitious. Okay, from now on because you are that strong all of the Gods will now live again in heaven. I will trust humanity to you to save them from demons." The God of all stops talking but Latrus thinks he's done already so he insists himself to speak. "Forgive me, how about my parents?" The God of Gods is laughing again and said, "You're impatient like your father. Of course, I will send you there." In an instant, Latrus arrives in the house far from civilization. His parents are being punished in becoming an ordinary human and they must take good care of that forest that will serve as the place for the Gods in the future. When Latrus saw his father and mother outside doing something. He runs towards them while crying and tears.

"Father, mother, I missed you so much."

His parents keep on crying as they look up to the sky and said, "Thank you, God."