Give way (true story)

It started when we accidentally looked at each other eyes to eyes. My heart that time was beating with full of colours. I purposely looked into different directions because I couldn't stand you're looking into my eyes. The moment you didn't look at me that's the time I never took my eyes off you. Like melancholy music that I need you to make me feel alive.


I was trembling of excitement when I approached you. To ask your name and to be your friends. One of the most fearful happenings in my life when I talked to you but I was glad that I did. We became friends and you let me come into your life. I have never been happy after you said "I love you" back to me. I jumped and shouted through my imagination when you said that. It's hard to believe maybe how we became boyfriend and girlfriend but it was happening since then.

The flowers were blooming, the birds were dancing and the trees were singing every time we walked together. I couldn't stop myself smiling because I was so happy that I am yours and you are mine. It looks like a fantasy because I only saw it in the movie that it's happening. It was like a dream when the love of my life loved me back. Every time I prayed to God I didn't wish anything. Why would I if what I wanted was in front of me? All I just asked while praying was thankful.


We stared eyes to eyes so close. I couldn't believe no matter how I thought of it many times. I was overwhelmed by what's having her in my life. I even cried because I was thinking of how lucky I was. I hesitated to kiss her because I might be offended her. I always waited for her to kiss me. I closed my eyes when she does while holding her tightly.

I thought it will continue until we grow older. I thought we could be together for eternity. I thought her love towards me was real. It was just I who thought of it because what she was showing me were lies. I started sensing it when she found a new guy nearby. I noticed her staring that guy as he passed by. The looks that could melt someone was I saw in her. I called her and she seemed startled so she came to me and hugs me. Her hug was not tight like before. Maybe she was hugging me but there was someone in her mind. It's hurting but I couldn't let her go because I love her so much.


I thought I can hold her for long. I thought about how we were before will come back if I will do harder to make her fall again. But as time passed by witnessing how she acted while being together. It's just hurting me more and it seems she getting far from me. I tried of holding her hands but she hid it. I stared her eyes but she wore a sunglass to avoid me looking to her eyes. There were so many things I did harder just to regain the old we before. But no matter what I do she was the one who stays away to avoid me.

I decided to let her go because she's not showing happiness to me anymore. I will just be the one to give way for her to be happy. But I was just hoping that this guy will love her as I did. He will not let her cry because she hasn't tried it when we were together. Above all else, I hope she will be happy for eternity even though I'm dying inside.

It's painful but that how my story went after loving a woman so much.