There's no happiness that can compare having a family. The joy of seeing your children happy gives me so much joy. I could say that children should be the one that is thankful for having good parents. But we the parents are the one thankful because our days become colourful because of our children.

I'm smiling as I'm talking to myself while having fun with my family. By the way, my name is John. I'm a father of 2 children and a husband of a pretty woman named Keith. I could say that our marriage is not perfect but we never thought of ending it. There were times for misunderstandings but we settled with Kate before morning. It's better not to sleep when you have an argument so by tomorrow morning we can only see happy faces.

I grew up as an orphan because my father left us to be with another woman. Mother felt in an agony of what my father did. I was just 12 years old back then when my mother committed suicide. She couldn't endure the pain knowing that my father was with another woman. She was so selfish but I couldn't blame her because she really loved my father. That's why now that I have my own family. I wouldn't do that because I knew the feeling to be alone.


Once a while I and my family went into a vacation. I'm doing that so our bonding to be one another will be tightened. Also, I want to feel relaxed from work. But the main point why I'm doing it because I want to have quality time with my family. I never asked to be rich, the family is more important to me. Although, my wife didn't understand it and we're always arguing about it. She always said that we need a big house and we need to be rich because she feels ashamed of going with her rich friends.

It's painful hearing that from my wife. I thought the words we said at our wedding were true. I thought it will be fine with her as long as we are together. I thought that having food on the table every day. Having our own house even just small will be fine. Having money to spend on necessary needs will be fine. I really thought that she's fine with it. But when we stay longer she just always mad at me because I prioritize the family bonding instead of saving money to be rich.

I can't breathe by thinking that my wife acting like this. I'm thinking but I want to forget what's on my mind. Many days being followed with sleepless nights. Keith didn't want to end our argument every night. I just cried with a desperation to be back from before. I don't think it will be but I'm still hoping.


One time, I came home early bringing much food. I'm planning to have a feast in the house to make up with Keith. I'm so excited to do it that I am smiling as I'm walking towards our house. Even though I don't feel like greeting her that I used to do. I forced myself just to make her happy. When I opened the door I said loudly.

"Hello, my Queen, your humble servant is here. Hello?"

I wonder why no one is there to greet me. I sense something bad about it. I feel like this is not normal so I rushed in our rooms to find them. I'm catching my breath while looking to them. I keep on shouting while tears are already falling.

"This is not true." In my thoughts.

I am sitting in the table to think where would they be. But I accidentally let a piece of paper falls. I get it and it's a letter from Keith.

By the time you're reading this, I'm sure we are in Manila right now. We will ride a plane going there. My friend John will accept me even if I have two children already. Unlike you, he's dreaming to be rich and it's happening. I'm sorry but I don't want to be in a man who never thinks of first the money. I'm selfish maybe but you already knew what kind of environment I grew up. I brought the children with me because I don't want them to feel how hard is life being with you."


After reading the letter I don't know how to react. I'm speechless while tears are showering into me. I'm sobbing and howling like a dog under the moon. The memories I had when I was young going back now. I never thought that valuing my family first was wrong. If I just knew I should have sacrificed my own happiness in terms of family.

I keep on murmuring while crying. It's not easy to forget it because I don't want this. My dreams shattered to have a wonderful family. I know Keith doesn't love me anymore but I'm thinking for my children. They will be my reasons for now not to give up in life. I will fight for them even if it costs my life or someone's life.


Thank you for reading