I burst into tears as I couldn't believe what my family did to me.

"You're not my real brother." Painful words from my beloved brother.

After working abroad so much to support my family by and giving food. This is what I heard from them because I have covid. They're so afraid that they hate me so much. I need them in this time like this but what they did to me was so shocking. I cried because I love my family so much and I couldn't imagine hearing them saying that even though I knew already.

I'm so broke remembering how we were us before. My mother just left me without a word as she closed my eyes. I couldn't help myself but be emotional. The family I love was now gone and will never be right back. I was placed in an isolated facility for positive about the virus. I keep on crying, crying and crying until I was tested if I'm still positive of the virus. I waited for another 5 days to have the result. I'm not excited or anything because I have no place to go home. What's the meaning of being alive when you don't have something you can call family.

While waiting for the results, no days have passed that I didn't think about how I and my family was so happy before. We kept on teasing each other that sometimes we ended up quarrelling but my mother in between to stop us. Then after it, we hugged each other because mother told me it's bad to have a serious fight in a family. No matter what will happen at the end of the day we are still siblings. But all of it was just in the past because I know it will never happen again.


5 days have passed and I was tested negative of the virus. I'm not happy because where will I go now. My family resented me already. I'm thinking about where will I go now. But when the Doctor came by to tell me to leave the facility because I'm not positive. He said "sorry" and asked me to forgive them of what they did to me. But I don't know how to answer him because I have no idea what's going on. He handed me a letter and said.

"Read it when you'll arrive at your home."

I don't know what's happening but part of me was happy after hearing what the Doctor said. I'm smiling even though I feel a bit hesitation of my heart in going home. I ride a taxi to arrive home immediately. When I took off in the taxi I was shocked by what I saw. I saw our house was being cordoned and a Police officer is guarding of it. I began to feel uneasy after seeing like this. I asked the Police officer about the people who live in that house. My mind started to get blank and my eyes flowing tears. I couldn't believe what happened to them so I read the letter the Doctor gave me.


To our beloved son Erwin,

I'm sure your tears are flowing as you read this. You're such a kind child and I know you can't accept this but please we wanted you to live a life full of happiness. I know it's hard but please move forward. It's painful I know but you must not stick yourself bearing the pain. Your brother and father thought as well so please have a good life.

I know you're confused about what you were thinking right now. Actually, your brother let you took medicine to makes you see lies in your thoughts. I'm not sure what was it but according to him. While you were sleeping and under by the effect of the medicine. He said you were working abroad to help us and then told you that you're not his real brother. He did that to make you stay you away from the mess of what we did. He did that to forget all the things you've saw about what experiments we did to fight this virus. The government sued us and we wanted you to know nothing because you never part of this. We asked that Doctor because he's our friend to say you're positive from the virus. We did that so we could hide you from the pursuers.

When you'll wake up I'm sure we're already dead because you slept for a month. Forgive us and do not forget that we love you so much. Please don't dig about us because our sacrifice will be in vain if the government will know your real identity. We've changed your name and last name so that you will be safe forever. We wanted to prove the world that the virus was not true but the government threatened us. We never listened so they will kill us for sure. Don't say anything about your real identity and if you will have questions. Asked that Doctor only and no one else. We love you so much, son and please take care of yourself for us.

Mother, father and brother love you very much.

My chest is being squeezed because of the pain I'm feeling. I left our old house and didn't answer the question of that Police Officer. I decided to go back to that Doctor to ask more. He just told me to answer my questions when he will be out because it's dangerous to see us together.

I'm walking and walking while my tears continue falling. My beloved family was now gone. I couldn't see their smiles and I couldn't feel their love now. I'm not sure if I will follow what my mother told me since I'm so angry about what happened to my family. I will have my revenge in time and I promised it in the graves of my beloved family.