"Don't be afraid Sheena. I will be here for you." I said and then Sheena hugs me with falling tears.

Sheena escaped from her parents because of me. Her parents didn't want me to their daughter.


When Sheena decided to be with me. I stopped studying and started working. I didn't let my parents know about it. I know they will be mad at me but I love Sheena so much that I would willing to sacrifice everything. They will not know it anyway because I studied far from home.

At a young age, I suddenly have a live-in partner. I couldn't just watch Sheena kept on crying when she came to my boarding house. I'm afraid of what kind of life will be waiting for us but I was just thinking to let it be. What will happen will happen as long as we are together.

"Where have you been Sheena?" I asked her while waited outside the house.

"I was searching for a job." She replied.

I smiled because after 3 months of crying she decided to go outside.

"Oopps," she jumped to hug me. I'm surprised at what just happened. She seems delighted.

"Did something happened?" I asked.

"Guess what.." She said and she kissed me all over my face.

I acted like I have no idea what's going on.

"Come on tell me, please?" I said while expressing a childish face.

"I HAVE A JOB NOW KEN!" She said it with a surprising face. She hugs me tightly and kisses me in the lips.

"I'm so happy for you. Let's celebrate because you have work now." I said with excitement.


"We will build a huge house and a huge family Ken." Sheena suddenly said something that made me very happy.

She's been working for 1 month and I noticed she was having fun. She has a good salary as well. Maybe that's the reason why she told me that. Since we're being together for a longer time. I've known her, her attitude is fine and the centre of everything is my love towards her.

"Sure Sheena, let's save money first for our marriage and house," I replied to her with a smile.

I'm so happy because until now I feel not sure if Sheena loves me that much. But because of her words and plans. It made me realise that it's just my negative thoughts who didn't believe Sheena. So when Sheena told me about what's in her mind I started saving money. She grew up in a rich family so I just let her how much money she will save. I know she wants to buy fancy clothes and wants to eat expensive food. If she came home late because she ate in a fancy restaurant. I just let her, she didn't do it every time anyway.

"Where's the money you saved Sheena?" I asked her because every time it's the date of our salary we put money in the bank. It's 5 months since we started the savings for our future. Every time there's money will be added to our bank account. My phone will notify me so I asked her in the morning when we are eating breakfast.

"Sorry Ken, I paid it to our team leader because we will have a seminar at the next month. I'm really sorry, I decided to join them because it will happen in one of the pretty beaches.

"But----", She hugs me so I stopped. I'm not spoiling her but I just understood her. She's young like me but she's not like me who grew up in a middle-class lifestyle.


"Where have you been Sheena? Did you know it's 2 am already? I'm so worried about you." I yelled at her. I'm so mad because she didn't call me. "I went into your workplace but you weren't there. I called your workmates but they didn't know where were you."

I seated on a chair while touching my head.
"GOD!! I'm so afraid of what happened to you."

She approaches me and hugs me.
"I'm sorry Ken." She kissed me.
"I was with friends and joined a party." She explained.

I feel agitated and I don't know how to react with that sweetness of Sheena showing to me.

"Please stop it for now. Just let me be like this for now." I told her because I'm not in the mood.

"Don't be like that Ken. I didn't do anything and I love you so much." She insisted herself to stick with me.

As I heard those words of "she loves me. I became emotional and wanted to let all my doubts out. She didn't do it once but many times. Now is the worst because it's already dawn. Something inside me wanted to let loose like water flowing in a river.

" If you love me but why you keep on doing this?" I said it with a shaking sound because I'm crying. Not just a simple cry because it hurts so much. I'm sobbing while looking up. I don't want her to see me like that. She starts crying while hugging me said "sorry" repeatedly.

Because of my tears, I'm surprised that she woke up early and prepared food. Usually, it's me was preparing food for us. I decided to do it because I know she's tired. When I seated in the chair in front of the table she kissed me and said. "Good morning Ken."

I smirked because I don't want to show that I'm so happy. I said to myself that this time I'm going to have my pride as a man being hurt. I want her to know that she can't do all the things she wants. I love her but it doesn't mean she will just abuse it.

"I will be home early Ken and we will have a date outside." She muttered and I couldn't help myself but show a happy face. She smiled then hug me at the back.

"I love you, Ken." She said and kisses my face. After it, I feel like I want to bang her. Before we go to our work we decided to do it.


After work, I immediately went out. I'm so excited to have a date with Sheena. It's been a long time since we were outside because she was busy most of the time and tired. I'm running to ride a bus that will go immediately. While sitting on the bus I'm smiling thinking of having a date with Sheena. I arrived at the next stop and I need to walk for approximately 1 km to ride for another bus in going home. While walking I saw an elegant restaurant. I smiled because I'm thinking to bring Sheena here. I know she would be happy because this type of restaurant she likes.

I got disappointed because the heavy rain suddenly fell.

"What? It's not in the news that it will rain today." I murmured.

I don't bring an umbrella so I stopped at that restaurant outside to shelter from the rain. I chose to be in the part where the glass panel located. I wanted to see the view inside of it. I look like a crazy because I'm smiling again while watching the inside. I'm convinced that Sheena would love it and it made me excited. I'm shaking because of excitement and I want to go home.


I feel dazed and confused about what I saw. The strong wind blows the heavy rain towards me. I let myself got wet because I feel like I'm not in myself. I'm shocked of what I saw that I didn't realise the crew of the restaurant stops me. I don't care about those people because I wanted to go inside the restaurant.

I'm soaked by the rain and I arrived at the table with flooding tears.

"What are you doing here Sheena with this guy?" I asked Sheena calmly with tears never stop of falling. I saw them feeding each other so I sensed something odd about it.

Sheena was shocked when she saw me. Her eyes are gazing because she couldn't believe that it's me. She feels uncomfortable that she didn't what to do.

"Who is this guy Sheena? Your boyfriend? I thought you broke up with him?" The guy said and made my chest stabbing. It hurts so much that I don't want to believe that this is happening.

"Excuse me," Sheena said and pulled me outside.

"Let me explain Ken." She said but I feel like I couldn't hear her anymore.

"There's no need Sheena. You wasted my unconditional love to you. You forgot our stupid future because of your fucking ambitious mind without hard work." I said to her with a gentle voice. I cry like rain and my life is like a storm.

"After everything I did to you. How could you be so selfish, Sheena? I sacrificed everything just for you. My happiness, my family, my future and my everything just because of you. And this is what you'll pay me? I don't ask anything to you but only love. Damn it, Sheena, just love only." I added while sobbing. She cries as well but I feel nothing from it.

"I had enough Sheena. I will end this because I know I can't make you happy. Don't worry, I forgave you already but you can leave my house. I'm not mad at you but I just feel so pathetic now. I'm being fooled because I love you so much." I said and paused because I kneel while crying. I looked in the ground while keep on crying.

I wanted to let the pain out in my chest because it's suffocating me.

"AAAAAHHHHHH!" I shouted and she's startled of it. I smirked at her with the continuous falling of tears.

"Thank you and FAREWELL the love of my life," I said to her and walk away. She holds my right hand with her both hands. I pulled it and didn't look back at her. I let the rains fall at me. I'm walking in the rain with so much pain and regrets. I spent my life on a girl who fooled me. It's painful, especially when she came into my thoughts smiling. I keep on crying that I wanted to perish.