Benefit of smoking


According to the expert, smoking can kill because many chemicals are being mixed in a cigarette. The expert knows more since it's their expertise and they studied it. However, we can't say that it's all true because I often saw smokers lasted their lives until their age was 90. It's just frightening after knowing the details from experts. But I know that what is too much can hurt someone's lives. Too much eating can make you unhealthy and too much drinking even water can make you unhealthy as well. That's why many smokers said, "if it's time, it's time."

Let's forget the bad side of smoking and let's go for positive. I might be sarcastic in telling this but it's true because I could tell as a smoker.


Stress reliever

It doesn't mean that having no job you're already free from stress. All people can have this because all of us have a brain that can be vulnerable in feeling this way. Smoking can help you relieve this stress by enjoying the smoke from cigarettes. There's no exact explanation because I'm not an expert but every time I smoke I focus on puffing the cigarette and forget what's worrying me.

Did you try meditating? Did you know the process of doing it? If you don't know I will tell you and it's effective if you feel anxious. The correct process in meditation is to close your eyes, relax, and focus on breathing. Yes, all you need to do is keep in mind how you breather so you can forget everything that troubles your mind.

There's not much difference but smoking is easy to do. We have reasons why we focus on blowing smoking because our mind diverts every time we will do an activity. Mediating is healthy but it's hard when you don't know how to relax. But don't get me wrong, I'm not encouraging you to smoke. I'm just telling you this why many smokers continue smoking despite the fact that smoking is unhealthy. I'm just explaining some details that you might don't know for us smokers.

Just remember that smoking is not the only one that can hurt our bodies. There are many things we should mind and always think of avoiding it if we can. Even if you're smoking but you're doing some exercises you can still help your body to remain healthy. Just don't do too much because as I've said, "too much can always hurt us." Just don't get too addicted to smoking, just be a healthy smoker.

thank you for reading