A bridge

The excitement of the first day of the school painted in every student's faces. Hurriedly and happily while going to school. Me and my best friend Mark seated beside the hallway inside the school campus. We both smiling while we were sharing the things we did last summer vacation. I said to him there was a time a dog suddenly ran towards me while barking. I climbed on the tree because of being so scared. He was laughing and I was because it was one of a kind memory. He also told me that they were on abroad with his family on vacation. I was so jealous as he showed me the places they went to.

"Hi, Paul."

I turned my head and it was Jea my ultimate crush since elementary. I was flattered because I never thought she knew me. We're not classmates because she was smart. She smiles at me and I didn't know how to respond. She's my crush and how would I react. Thankfully, my friend Mark stood for me because I stunned as I saw Sheena smiling towards me.

"Hello Sheena, sorry my best friend is a shy type person."

Mark knew that Sheena was my ultimate crush. I told him how I felt towards this woman and maybe that's why he was the one greeted Sheena.

Sheena continued on smiling while talking to Mark. All I did was glancing at her and glimpsing when she looked at me. I really couldn't believe that she talked to me first. My soul was lost upon staring at her when she looked at Mark. I was jealous of Mark because he talked Sheena like it was nothing to him. How I wish I could do it while observing them.

"Okay, I have to go, bye Mark and bye Paul."

She left and left with a smile while I felt frozen watching her smiling at me. Her smile pierces my heart and was taken again. My heart always wanted to stay with her. I remained stunned seeing Sheena walking away. I felt like summer was starting again even though it's just ended.

The days continued going to school while kept on fantasising Sheena. She greeted me again when Mark and I were walking in the hallway. I managed to return a smile with her but still, I couldn't talk to her comfortably. I was shy to talk to her especially that many people surrounded us. But I promised to myself that if she will be alone I will be the one greet her first.

"I will have the courage next time we will see each other." In my thoughts.

I saw Sheena in a distance walking alone. I hold my steps first while thinking about what to say if I will greet her. I didn't know what to do and I felt nervous thinking of greeting her. I didn't look in my footsteps when I started walking towards her at the back.

"Okay, just say hi and smile," I said to myself while thinking of being awkward.

I was uncomfortably walking towards her. She stopped because she opened her phone. I hid for a bit and I thought it wasn't the right time. I stopped walking and waited that she will put her phone back at her bag. I was determined to greet her but again I felt nervous. I was really afraid, so I just stopped walking first and regain my fighting spirit.

She was looking into my direction so I hid immediately. I didn't come out yet and waited for a minute first. When I thought that maybe she wasn't looking anymore. I came out but she wasn't there anymore. I ran immediately in the place where the last time I saw her. I kept on searching where she was. Approximately 10 meters from where she stood before I saw man and woman facing their back towards me.

When I saw that couple sitting and looked so sweet. I suddenly felt uneasy because I knew that woman. From her dress and from everything about her I recognised it. But not Sheena that made me felt troubled. It's the guy because I was sure that I knew him. I knew how was that but something inside me wanted to confirm. My eyes became teary and my heart already felt pain. I unhurriedly walking towards them that they wouldn't notice me from the back.

"I knew it, it's Mark."

I confirmed it when I gazed the side view of Mark's face. I frowned and showed a begging face. I looked miserable watching them so happy together. Sheena was my ultimate crush and yet Mark betrayed me. I didn't let myself looked pitiful, so I decided to walk away. I turned away while tears left behind and started walking.

"Paul, wait." Mark's voice while holding my hand. "Let me explain first."

"There's no need Mark, it's fine," I replied.

"Sorry Paul, actually I love Mark and that's why I greeted you many times when Mark was with you. I wanted to be close to him and I need you for that. I'm really sorry."

Sheena's voice explaining to me but my mind was interrupted with my painful heart. I couldn't listen well and I didn't care anymore because seeing them together was enough. My presence wasn't needed and I just made myself look more pathetic.

"How rude Sheena!!"

I pulled my hand from Mark and started walking.

"Wai---," Mark said but I ignored it and continued walking away from them. Tears blinded my eyes and I suddenly fell down. Maybe they were not there because I didn't hear them anymore. I stayed sitting in the ground and cry out loud.


I shouted while crying.